Book Sense -- Independent Bookstores for Independent Minds

The Bermuda Bookstore is pleased to be part of an American network of more than 1,100 independent bookstores all working together to bring knowledge, passion, character, personality, and community to your shopping experience. As you spend time in our bookstore, you’ll notice our unique atmosphere and selection of titles. While our bookstore is distinctly our own, it is clear that all bookstores with Book Sense have five common traits that will make you glad you choose to shop there.

Book Sense Is … Knowledge

When you are searching for that perfect gift, nothing beats a book! And when you need assistance, our booksellers can provide thoughtful and insightful advice. If you are still unsure, a Book Sense Gift Certificate, redeemable in over 1,100 US (and 2 Bermudian) locations, is a sure fit.

Book Sense Is … Passion

Bookselling is our passion. We are fortunate that we can surround ourselves with a world of books. Many of us have built our lives around our bookstores in hopes of sharing our enthusiasm with you by helping you to find the perfect book for yourself or a friend.


Book Sense Is … Character

Whether you're looking for a bestseller or an off-beat treasure, we're dedicated to getting the perfect book into your hands.

Book Sense Is … Personality

The diversity among bookstores with Book Sense cannot be described in a few words. Eclectic tastes and literary atmosphere only begin to relate the experience that awaits you when you shop with us. Our personality is reflected in the atmosphere and inventory of our bookstore.

Book Sense Is … Community

This bookstore plays a vital role in our neighborhood because we support other local businesses and understand the importance of keeping money in the community by helping schools, charities, and other organizations.

When you enter a bookstore with Book Sense, you'll find all this and more. We take great pride in our relationships with readers and our ability to meet your needs. By working together, bookstores with Book Sense are creating bookselling excitement through the Book Sense Independent Bestseller list, a national gift certificate program, and the Book Sense 76--a bi-monthly list of intriguing titles culled from the recommendations of bookstores from all around the country.